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Microsoft Office 365 Excel Data Cleaning for Data Analytics

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Course Code
7 Hours (1 Day)
Course Fee
$348.80 inclusive of GST
UTAP for NTUC Members
This Course is For
Anyone who works with raw data and need to ensure that the given data is clean and accurate for analysis and report generation in Microsoft 365 Excel.

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  1. Form: Click here to download. Email back to us.
  2. Ministries on HRP / ACE: Inform your Training Coordinator the Course Code, Course Date and the Training Provider is Oaks Training c/o GIL Consultancy.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: OAKS TRAINING begins with the letter O and not the symbol @ in HRP
  3. PHONE: Call +65 6423 1183.


Learners should:

  • ideally have completed our Office 365 Excel Advanced module
  • have good working knowledge in creating Microsoft Excel formulas and using Excel functions
This course is suitable for users of Microsoft Office 2019 or 2021.

Important Note
Must read Things You Would Need to ensure you are properly equiped for this course.

Unleash the Power of Office 365 Excel for Error-Free Data Analysis!

Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to clean up your data before conducting data analysis in Office 365 Excel? Do you find yourself struggling with errors, duplicates, and formatting issues that compromise the accuracy of your reports? Look no further! Introducing our game-changing course: "Office 365 Excel Data Cleaning for Data Analysis."

In today's data-driven economy, having accurate and error-free data is essential for meaningful data analysis. With this comprehensive 7-hour course, you will learn the skills and techniques needed to ensure that your imported data in Office 365 Excel is pristine and ready for analysis. Say goodbye to manual data cleaning and hello to efficient, error-free reports!

Here's are 10 take aways from this course:

  1. Import Data with Precision: Learn how to identify the appropriate data format and seamlessly import raw data into Office 365 Excel, setting the foundation for accurate analysis.
  2. Parse Data Effectively: Unleash the power of Office 365 Excel to separate data stored in a single cell into their respective columns, making your data analysis-ready.
  3. Remove Unwanted Spaces: Discover how to eliminate unnecessary spaces between data, enhancing the accuracy of your comparisons and matches.
  4. Fill Blank Cells: Prevent calculation issues and retrieve relevant data effortlessly by quickly filling empty cells with the required values in Office 365 Excel.
  5. Fix Cell Format Errors: Convert text values into numeric formats effortlessly, avoiding errors that can impact the reliability of your reports.
  6. Manage Duplicate Records: Gain the skills to effectively handle and remove duplicate records, ensuring your analysis is based on clean and unique data.
  7. Highlight Errors: Let Office 365 Excel identify common errors like division errors and value errors, allowing you to swiftly correct them and maintain the integrity of your data.
  8. Extract and Convert Dates: Learn how to align and convert dates into the desired format, avoiding discrepancies and errors in your reports. Additionally, discover techniques for extracting specific portions of dates, such as months or years.
  9. Text Data Order and Format: Overcome challenges posed by incorrect formats or sequences in text data. From uppercase and lowercase issues to variations in name positions, Office 365 Excel has the solutions.
  10. Replace or Substitute Text: Save time and effort by leveraging Office 365 Excel's capabilities to replace or substitute specific text within sentences, making updates a breeze.

Don't let messy data hinder your progress or compromise your insights. Join our course today and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Office 365 Excel for data cleaning and analysis. With error-free data, you can confidently generate accurate and reliable reports, providing valuable insights to drive your business forward in this data-driven era.

Sign up now and embark on a journey to become a data cleaning expert in Microsoft Office 365 Excel!

Our Friendly Trainer

Ms Ow Yeong Yin Leng

Qualified and Experienced to facilitate this course

  • More than 25 years of training experience
  • Native speaking Trainers
  • Microsoft Certified

Special Request

Additional Dates: If the dates listed are not suitable for you and you have a group interested in the same course, you can contact us to arrange a date of your choice, subject to our trainer availability.

Evening classes or Classes in Mandarin are also available on request. Contact us for arrangements.

Group discounts are also available. Request a quote from us.


I really learn alot! The speed and timing is alright.
- Zainah Sabtu (Judiciary Court)

A good course to learn more on excel work.
- Tang Boon Tiong (MTI)

Thank you for the valuable formulas.
- Luo Jiahui (MOM)

The Trainer is very knowledgeable and helpful. She knows the alternative methods to a problem.
- Junainah (Judiciary Court)

Many thanks to Yin Leng for her patience and understanding to go slow and guide me to enable me to comprehend the topics better. I truly enjoy the course and hope to be able to apply what I have learnt soon.
- Ahmad Haji Siraj (SPF)

No Exam
No Exam! Ample hands on practice to master lessons taught.

Certificate of Attendance will be given subject to 90% attendance.

Local native speaking Trainers with more than 20 years of experience.

Empowering the Enduser
Our dedication lies in equipping our learners with the tools to empower themselves. Recognizing the constant evolution of technology in the workplace, we understand the challenges and expectations they face. Bridging this gap for our learners is our motivation. We have faith in the potential of every individual and their determination to achieve success.

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