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Microsoft Office 365 Excel Advanced

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Course Code
14 Hours (2 Days)
Course Fee
$388.80 inclusive of GST
UTAP for NTUC Members
This Course is For
Anyone who needs to use the advanced functions of Office 365 Excel to perform basic data analysis and report generation.

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Learners who have attended our Microsoft Office 365 Excel Basic to Intermediate course or for users with good working knowledge and experience in using Microsoft Excel. This course is suitable for leaners of Microsoft Office 2019 or 2021.

Important Note
Must read Things You Would Need to ensure you are properly equiped for this course.

Power Up your Office 365 Excel for the Workplace

You have been using Microsoft Office 365 Excel but you find yourself lacking in going beyond general data entry, formatting, formula and function usage in your reports. You are aware of the need to be more productive and stay up-to-date or even get ahead and meet the challenges and demands at your workplace, especially in this data-driven era. This Microsoft Office 365 Excel Advanced level course is for you.

From this Microsoft Office 365 Excel Advanced course, you will unlock the power to:

  • Create your own templates to save time in recreating frequently needed reports.
  • Write more advanced formulas and functions in Office 365 Excel to satisfy a single or multiple conditions and scenarios in your calculations.
  • Analyse and correct errors encountered in the formulas you create in Office 365 Excel.
  • Establish relationships between your data to integrate them from different Microsoft Excel tables or Office 365 Excel worksheets.
  • Consolidate data from various Office 365 Excel Worksheets into a single report.
  • Sort and filter out relevant data easily and quickly to be used in your Microsoft Excel reports.
  • Automate the highlighting (bring to your attention) of data, such as students who are not performing well in subjects, overdue invoices, or underperforming projects, in your reports that meets certain conditions.
  • Add graphical visual in Office 365 Excel to show data trends as part of your report.
  • Manage reports with many columns and rows to be more reader and screen friendly as such reports can be challenging to analyse.
  • Create more complex reports through data analysis with Office 365 Excel Pivot Tables and Charts.
  • Automate repetitive task by recording the steps of those mundane tasks to save precious time.

You will learn all these Office 365 Excel Advanced features in just 2-days to improve your proficiency, accuracy and productivity, and remain relevant for today’s workplace.

You will be given many practice opportunities through rote learning (hands-on exercises) of workplace examples to ensure you get the most out of our Office 365 Excel Advanced course.

Our Friendly Trainer

Ms Daphne Wong
Ms Kendra Ong
Ms Pauline Lee
Ms Ow Yeong Yin Leng

Qualified and Experienced to facilitate this course

  • More than 20 years of training experience
  • Native speaking Trainers
  • ACTA Certified
  • Microsoft Certified
  • ITE Certified

Special Request

Additional Dates: If the dates listed are not suitable for you and you have a group interested in the same course, you can contact us to arrange a date of your choice, subject to our trainer availability.

Evening classes or Classes in Mandarin are also available on request. Contact us for arrangements.

Group discounts are also available. Request a quote from us.


Thanks a lot Pauline for the two day course and being very clear with good pace throughout the training!
- Jia Hui (SPF)

The demos are clear and examples given for practice are usable in work environment
- William Lee (Nikon Singapore)

The trainer able to respond to my questions swiftly and she is able to cover all the syllabus well and understandable.
- Danial (SPF)

Grateful for Kendra's patience in going through the steps, sometimes even requiring her to repeat a few times.
- Nura Hamzah (SPS)

Definitely help me in my work to be more productive and efficient. Thank you Pauline for sharing useful tips in this course.
- Cheryl (Nikon Singapore)

No Exam
No Exam! Ample hands on practice to master lessons taught.

Certificate of Attendance will be given subject to 90% attendance.

Local native speaking Trainers with more than 20 years of experience.

Empowering the Enduser is what we are committed to equiping our learners. We understand the challenges and expectations faced in their daily work. To help learners bridge the gap is what drives us. We believe in the common person and their will to succeed.

Classes in Mandarin

Select courses can be delivered in Mandarin on request basis via Zoom.

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