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Join Oaks' Vitrual (Synchronous Learning) Courses with live interaction with our Trainers!

A LIVE Classroom Experience

Say, what are the benefits of taking a hands-on webinar virtual course for someone who's not a tech genius?

  1. Flexibility: Virtual courses let you learn in your pajamas, no judgment! No need to worry about rushing to a physical classroom or getting stuck in traffic. Just roll out of bed, grab your favourite snack, and get ready to conquer the virtual world of learning.
  2. Accessible: You don't need to be a computer whiz to join a webinar course. As long as you can find the power button on your computer and know how to connect to the internet (without accidentally calling your neighbour), you're good to go! Embrace the digital age, my friend.
  3. Interactive learning: Get ready for some serious virtual magic tricks! Webinar courses have all sorts of nifty features that make learning fun. From live demonstrations that will leave you saying, "How did they do that?!" to interactive exercises that keep you on your toes, it's like a digital circus for your brain.
  4. Helpful resources: Forget about losing your notes or lugging around heavy textbooks. Virtual courses come with all the digital goodies you need. Slides, and extra readings are just a click away. It's like having your own personal library at your fingertips, minus the dusty book smell.
  5. Connecting with others: Who says virtual learning means being all alone? In a webinar course, you can chat with your instructor and fellow learners. It's like having a virtual study group, except you don't have to share your snacks or deal with that one person who always forgets to mute themselves. But we got that covered.
  6. Cost-effective: Saving money is always a win! With virtual courses, you can say goodbye to spending a fortune on gas, parking, or the occasional coffee break and lunch splurge. Your wallet will thank you, and you can invest those savings in something truly important, like a fancy new hat or a collection of adorable cat videos.
  7. Stay Safe: Taking a hands-on webinar course is like wrapping yourself in a giant bubble suit against COVID-19. No germs can touch you when you're safely tucked away in your fortress of blankets and snacks. So, don your virtual hazmat suit, defeat the virus, and learn like a true pandemic warrior.

Remember, learning should be fun, and taking a hands-on webinar virtual course can be a delightful adventure, even if technology isn't your forte. Embrace the quirks and enjoy the virtual ride!

Here are what some of our virtual class participants had to say about their experience learning online with us:


Things You Will Need

Woohoo... Here are a couple of things you will need to ensure you have or are able to get your hands on before you register for our live online training classes.

  1. A laptop or a personal computer that comes with a video camera and a microphone.
  2. A stable Internet connection for your laptop or personal computer.
  3. The required software (e.g., Microsoft Office 365) installed on your laptop or personal computer.
    No software? No worries, contact us and let us know and we will arrange it for you where possible.
  4. Zoom installed on your laptop or personal computer.

In an ideal situation (not essential) to make your learning experience even better, it is recommended that you have two devices, one with Zoom to view the session and the other with your application to follow and try hands-on.

When you have successfully registered for our online course, we will send you more details on how to further prepare yourself so that you can get the best possible online experience with us. Oh, yes, you will receive support from us on getting connected should the need arise.


How to Register?

You can register either by

  1. Online: Select the course page that you want to register for and submit the online registration form.
  2. Email: Click here to download registration form fill it up and email it back to us via the email stated in the form.
  3. HRP / ACE SYSTEM: This mode remains unchanged. Inform your Training Coordinator the Course Code, Course Date and the Training Provider is Oaks Training. Do note that the venue stated in those systems may not reflect that classes are conducted online.

Still Have Questions about our Online Courses?

Yay! Get in touch with us via our contact us page for more clarifications and we will get in touch with you at the earliest possible time, or chat with us online

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WhatsApp Us

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Empowering the Enduser
Our dedication lies in equipping our learners with the tools to empower themselves. Recognizing the constant evolution of technology in the workplace, we understand the challenges and expectations they face. Bridging this gap for our learners is our motivation. We have faith in the potential of every individual and their determination to achieve success.

Classes in Mandarin

Select courses can be delivered in Mandarin on request basis via Zoom.

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  • Essential Digital Skills

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