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Our Experienced Trainers

At Oaks Training, we have built a strong in-house team of Singaporean trainers. Currently, we have 8 trainers who train on a daily basis. Some of our trainers have more than 20 years of training experience; in fact, they were associate trainers at Civil Service College (CSC), formally known as then Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM). Our trainers are ACTA certified and Microsoft certified professionals with rich industry experience. Each of us are passionate about imparting practical skills to you for your daily work and life. As Singaporeans ourselves, we hope to relate to you at a personal level.

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Introducing Our Trainers

Daphne holds a Diploma in Computer Studies & 3D Design. She also is a Certified Internet Specialist and was an Approved Trainer of the former IT Programme for office workers. She has been training for public, schools and corporate clients since 1988. Daphne specialises in training in Internet, Microsoft Office applications & Lotus Notes. She exercises patience and enthusiasm among the participants and displays a sound knowledge of the subjects taught. She has the ability to make a difficult subject simple and easy.

Kendra holds a BSc (Maths) and has more than 26 years of experience in IT planning, designing and programming of LANs and managing the operational support function of computer networks. Since 1995, she specialises on training in Internet, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Publisher, FrontPage, Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes. She is an ACTA Certified Trainer and a former Associate Trainer with the Civil Service College. She is also one of StarHub’s Golden Gurus (2013). Her cheerfulness and enthusiasm in training has earned her favorable commendations from her participants.

Yin Leng holds a degree in Computer Science with Management and has been training since 1995 in IT in both the private and public sectors. She is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a former Associate Trainer with the Civil Service College. Her dedication to training is well liked and appreciated by the participants. She has vast knowledge in computer programming and applications software and enjoys imparting her knowledge and skills. She is proficient in providing training in Internet, Microsoft Office application and customised software courses.

Pauline has been conducting IT courses since 1992. Her experience as a programmer with a local bank, a LAN administrator cum a trainer officer with the Singapore Hotel Association and Training Educational Centre has more than prepared her to train in the areas of Microsoft Office, Internet and Frontpage. She is also certified by ITE as an industry trainer to teach the module on Coaching Skills. She was a former Associate Trainer with the Civil Service College. She is dedicated and patient, always able to impart her IT knowledge effectively to the participants.

Sherie holds a BSc in Computer Science with Psychology and Specialist Diploma in Web Development Technology (SWEB). A corporate IT instructor since 1992, she has lots of commercial experience on a wide range of software applications – MS Office Applications, MS Project, Lotus Notes, Web Related Applications, Programming with Visual Basic, VBA for Excel and Access. A former Associate Trainer with the Civil Service College and an ACTA Certified Trainer, Sherie always demonstrates competency and passion required of her in training.

Terrence holds a Diploma in Multimedia from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He is an ACTA Certified Trainer. He is a designer by profession and has been training design courses like Photoshop, Flash and Print Design and PowerPoint. With more than 15 years training experience, he is still very passionate in his delivery. Terrence is also very effective in imparting knowledge and keeping participants engaged at the same time. He is very well liked by the participants in all the training sessions.

Hui Leong holds a BSc Computer Science. He is a Learning Tree International Certified Professional For Internet and Intranet, and Java. He was involved in the research and development of state-of-the-art encryption technologies. He has been involved in security training since 2001. He is a regular speaker at computer security seminars where he shares his views and knowledge with others. He provides consulting services to various government ministries in Singapore on security matters. He has also developed many security products.

Wai Munn holds a Master of Business in Information Technology (MBIT). His experience covers software application development and maintenance, quality management, and training while he was with the National Computer Systems. Working with Ministry of Education (MOE), he developed the first IT training programme for teachers. Since 1993 he had trained application developers and end users, including a 1 year stint with Microsoft Singapore in 2001 as a regional trainer. He has been a Webmaster since 2000.

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