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Microsoft Office 365 Excel Basic to Intermediate

Training Modes
 Virtual: Zoom (Learn more)
 In-Class (Bring your own laptop)

Course Code
14 Hours (2 Days)
Course Fee
$392.40 inclusive of GST
UTAP for NTUC Members
This Course is For
Anyone who wants to learn how to use Office 365 Excel for the workplace with little to no knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Preferred Date

You can also register by:

  1. Form: Click here to download. Email back to us.
  2. Ministries on HRP / ACE: Inform your Training Coordinator the Course Code, Course Date and the Training Provider is Oaks Training c/o GIL Consultancy.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: OAKS TRAINING begins with the letter O and not the symbol @ in HRP
  3. PHONE: Call +65 6423 1183.


None. This course is suitable for leaners of Microsoft Office 2019 or 2021.

Important Note
Must read Things You Would Need to ensure you are properly equiped for this course.

Introducing the Office 365 Excel Basic Course: Unleash Your Workplace Potential!

Are you ready to revolutionize your productivity at work? Look no further! Our Office 365 Excel Basic Course is designed for newcomers to Microsoft Office 365 Excel, providing you with the essential skills needed to navigate and master this powerful tool.

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to confidence! This beginner-level course will equip you with the foundational knowledge to create, organize, and manipulate data effortlessly. From creating spreadsheets to performing calculations, we've got you covered.

Here's what you'll gain from this enriching experience:

  1. Master essential Office 365 Excel features, tailored for your workplace needs.
  2. Understand data types and formatting like a pro.
  3. Organize your data effectively for better clarity.
  4. Handle single and multiple worksheets like a seasoned expert.
  5. Transform calculations and time-consuming tasks into a breeze with Excel's built-in functions, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters.
  6. Format your reports to make them visually appealing.
  7. Connect the dots! Explore the art of referencing values from other worksheets or workbooks, seamlessly integrating information for a comprehensive overview.
  8. Make data come alive with captivating Office 365 Excel charts.
  9. Discover time-saving Excel features and shortcuts that will leave you amazed.
  10. Effortlessly convert printed data into usable Excel sheets.
  11. Keep your work secure! Safeguard your precious data from unauthorized changes. Protect your Excel 365 worksheets and workbooks.

Over the course of just two action-packed days, you'll immerse yourself in hands-on exercises, honing your skills and boosting your confidence. By the end, you'll possess a solid foundation in Office 365 Excel, empowering you to conquer routine tasks effortlessly and conquer the workplace with confidence.

Don't miss out on this transformative learning experience tailored explicitly for beginners. Unleash your workplace potential with the Office 365 Excel Basic Course. Enroll today!

Our Friendly Trainer

Ms Daphne Wong
Ms Kendra Ong
Ms Pauline Lee
Ms Ow Yeong Yin Leng

Qualified and Experienced to facilitate this course

  • More than 20 years of training experience
  • Native speaking Trainers
  • ACTA Certified
  • Microsoft Certified
  • ITE Certified

Special Request

Additional Dates: If the dates listed are not suitable for you and you have a group interested in the same course, you can contact us to arrange a date of your choice, subject to our trainer availability.

Evening classes or Classes in Mandarin are also available on request. Contact us for arrangements.

Group discounts are also available. Request a quote from us.


She had taught me really useful functions that I did not even manage to think of before. I had struggled a lot last time before this course because I do not know a faster way of doing my work in Excel. The trainer was really clear and brief in her instructions in a way that made us all understood. She was willing to repeat the things whenever I was unclear of the functions.
- Daing Rizqeen Afiq (SPF)

Thank you Daphne for being so patient and provide clear explanation for the course. I happen to find out more simpler shortcuts that I have never knew before even after using Excel for some time.
- Melody Yuri Sugita (Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd)

Thank you Pauline for being so patient in guiding us on this excel course 😊
Pauline (Individual)

Good Pace and very clear teaching. It was perfect.
- Siti Zarina (MOM)

The trainer was very interactive as she asks questions and she is also very patient. Also, very knowledgeable and knows how to teach in a very productive manner.
- Ihsan Ridzwan (SPF)

No Exam
No Exam! Ample hands on practice to master lessons taught.

Certificate of Attendance will be given subject to 90% attendance.

Local native speaking Trainers with more than 20 years of experience.

Empowering the Enduser
Our dedication lies in equipping our learners with the tools to empower themselves. Recognizing the constant evolution of technology in the workplace, we understand the challenges and expectations they face. Bridging this gap for our learners is our motivation. We have faith in the potential of every individual and their determination to achieve success.

Classes in Mandarin

Select courses can be delivered in Mandarin on request basis via Zoom.

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