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Stay Ahead with Proficiency Courses!

For Microsoft Office 365 and 2021 Users

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our exciting set of proficiency courses, tailored to equip you with the skills needed to conquer workplace challenges and boost your productivity. These courses are designed to save you valuable time and enable you to master essential tasks commonly required in the workplace.

Take charge of your professional development by enrolling in these proficiency courses and elevate your workplace efficiency to new heights!

Enroll now and invest in your future success!

Microsoft Office Excel Table and Advanced Pivot Table Techniques for Faster Results

Are you looking to create user-friendly dashboards and analyze data efficiently? Look no further! Our Excel Table and Advanced Pivot Table Techniques course will empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions swiftly. The course will focus on improving your proficiency in Excel Tables and Pivot Tables, providing you with the skills necessary to navigate complex data with ease.

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Microsoft Office Excel Proficiency for the Workplace

Master the in-demand Excel features and applications essential for your daily work tasks. Our Excel Proficiency for the Workplace course will elevate your abilities, allowing you to work smarter and faster. Learn how to perform calculations involving dates, use pattern recognition to convert data instantly, and build complex formulas based on single or multiple conditions.

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Microsoft Office Essential Advanced Excel Functions for the Workplace

Handling data-related challenges can be a breeze with the right knowledge. Our Essential Advanced Excel Functions course equips you with the skills to tackle common data issues related to retrieval, date calculations, and text manipulation with ease and efficiency. Explore various Excel functions, including Lookup and Reference, Math and Trigonometry, Date, and Text functions.

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Empowering the Enduser
Our dedication lies in equipping our learners with the tools to empower themselves. Recognizing the constant evolution of technology in the workplace, we understand the challenges and expectations they face. Bridging this gap for our learners is our motivation. We have faith in the potential of every individual and their determination to achieve success.


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•  Digital Skills
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•  Management / Soft Skills

Select courses can be delivered in Mandarin on request basis via Zoom.

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