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Bridging the Gap in Data Analytics

For Microsoft Office 365, 2021 and 2019 Users

These courses aim to assist you in:

  • Developing a foundational understanding of Data Analytics.
  • Preparing raw data for analysis.
  • Generating concise reports.
  • Presenting reports effectively.

Microsoft Office Excel Data Cleaning for Data Analytics

Learn techniques to ensure error-free data for analysis and report generation. Covering 10 essential areas of data preparation that often lead to errors in report generation when not handled correctly.

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Microsoft Office Excel Power Query - Automating Data Extraction and Cleaning

Focus solely on Excel's Power Query to automate data transformation and preparation for analysis and reporting. No prior knowledge of Excel formulas or functions is required.

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Microsoft Office Excel Pivot Table for Data Analysis and Analytics

Master the skills to organize and manage your data, allowing you to easily generate meaningful and accurate Excel reports and charts. The course covers the entire workflow from data reception to the production of insightful reports and charts.

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Introduction to Data Analytics

Gain an understanding of the latest trends in data management. Differentiate between business analytics and data analytics, and learn when to apply analytics in various situations.

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Quick Start to Dashboards for Data Analytics

Learn how to effectively organize, clean, analyze, and interpret data to create relevant dashboards. These dashboards provide insights to your superiors, enabling informed decision-making.

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Introduction to Data Visualization and Storytelling

Discover how to use data to effectively communicate with stakeholders and distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable data visualizations. Learn essential steps to build compelling visual data storytelling.

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Empowering the Enduser
Our dedication lies in equipping our learners with the tools to empower themselves. Recognizing the constant evolution of technology in the workplace, we understand the challenges and expectations they face. Bridging this gap for our learners is our motivation. We have faith in the potential of every individual and their determination to achieve success.


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Select courses can be delivered in Mandarin on request basis via Zoom.

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