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Start developing responsive webpages easily

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Learn How to Create Web Pages That Are Screen Size Friendly

Course Code: VTLOKRWPB
Duration: 2 Days (14 Hours)

With more and more users going on to mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets, there is a growing need to cater to the various screen sizes ranging from the smallest smartphones to the large screens for PC. This ability of getting your webpage to suit the different sizes is known as responsive web page design.

You can learn how to achieve this through our 2-day uniquely designed course that is catered for anyone who has little or no knowledge of doing up a responsive webpage. Working with HTML, it will also incorporate Bootstrap as the framework to make your learning and understanding easier. Be warned, this is a hands-on course that will not just explain and show you how to build such a webpage, it provides you with many opportunities to try out in class the lessons covered.

At the end of the course you would know how to put together a working responsive website with Bootstrap, complete with a site navigation bar, properly layout content including images, page links, buttons, Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) and custom styling, and more to cater for those varied screen sizes. Most importantly, to understand how to handle the contents to suit the various users.

This course is an excellent introductory course for beginners to start developing responsive webpages easily. However, it does not cover development such as the using of an online database, shopping carts and payments.

This course is for

Learners with zero to little knowledge of creating responsive web pages.

Public Sector – Division 1, 2 & 3
Private Sector – Applicable to All

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Responsive Website
  • Installation of Bootstrap
  • Introduction to Bootstrap Environment
  • Understanding the Grid System
  • Incorporating a Jumbotron
  • Understanding Typography
  • Including buttons
  • Essential Cascading Styles Sheets
  • Working with Images
  • Including Icons
  • Implementing Site Menu
  • Include Tables
  • Custom Styling

Questions to Ask Yourself

Must I know HTML and/or CSS to attend this course?

No, you do not. It would be advantages to help you learn faster but it is not essential because of the unique way we designed this course.

Do I have to attend the Creating Web Pages with HTML5 course before or after this course?

That is entirely up to you. If you feel what you have learned in this course is sufficient for you to build a responsive website, then, no, you do not. But, if you want a better understanding of the “technical” aspects of HTML and CSS, we do recommend it. You can take the course before or after this course, it does not really matter.

For Your Delight

  Refreshments are provided for morning and afternoon tea breaks.
  A Certificate of Attendance will be given subject to 90% attendance.

Course Customisation

We can tailor this course to suit your needs in terms of course dates, times and location. If you are an organisation, we can further customise the course to meet your training needs and requirements.


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