Microsoft Excel 2010 VBA User Form Design

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Master Visual Basic for Applications Programming In User Form Design in Microsoft Excel 2010

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Master Visual Basic for Applications Programming In User Form Design in Microsoft Excel 2010

Course Code: VTLOKEVFX
Duration: 2 Days (14 Hours)

This 2 day course is designed for participants with Excel VBA knowledge and are interested to explore the possibilities of creating customized dialog boxes or splash screens in Excel. Participants are introduced to useful controls such as Combo box, List box, Spin button, Option Button and many other controls in their form design to help them in their daily work.

The training is accomplished with examples and techniques to show participants how to trigger the controls with various event procedures and how to integrate the User Form with their Excel spreadsheets. Participants will also learn to implement ActiveX controls in Excel spreadsheet versus working with User Form controls.

Advantages of using design dialog box:

  1. ensure data accuracy with checks and validations
  2. limit the data input with controls such as combo box, spinner etc.
  3. display picture in the dialog box
  4. making application easier for user with little or no knowledge of Excel

This course is for

Learners who satisfy either (1) & (3) or (2) & (3):

  1. Have prior and good knowledge of Excel 2007 / Excel 2010
  2. Had attended our Microsoft Excel 2010 Basic to Intermediate and Advanced course
  3. Had attended our Microsoft Excel 2010 VBA Programming course

Public Sector – Division 1, 2 & 3
Private Sector – Applicable to All

Course Outline

  • Introducing VBA UserForm
  • Working with various UserForm Controls
  • How to Change the Control Properties
  • Understanding Events
  • Using Active X controls on Excel spreadsheet

Questions to Ask Yourself

I’m very experienced in using an earlier version of Microsoft Excel; can I sign up for this course?

Yes, you can BUT you must have successfully completed our Microsoft Excel 2010 VBA Programming course as well.

Do I need to have programming knowledge or experience to take this course?

If you have completed our Microsoft Excel 2010 VBA Programming course, No, you do not need.

For Your Delight

  Refreshments are provided for morning and afternoon tea breaks.
  A Certificate of Attendance will be given subject to 90% attendance.

Course Customisation

We can tailor this course to suit your needs in terms of course dates, times and location. If you are an organisation, we can further customise the course to meet your training needs and requirements.


  • Daphne Wong
    Daphne Wong Trainer

    Daphne holds a Diploma in Computer Studies & 3D Design. Holds a Certified Internet Specialist certificate. Approved Trainer of the former IT Programme for office workers. She has been training for public, schools and corporate clients since 1988. Specialises in training in Internet, Microsoft Office application & Lotus Notes.

  • Kendra Ong
    Kendra Ong Trainer

    Kendra holds a BSc (Maths) and has more than 26 years of experience in IT planning, designing and programming of LANs and managing the operational support function of computer networks. Since 1995, she specialises on training in Internet, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Publisher, FrontPage, Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes.

  • Ow Yeong Yin Leng
    Ow Yeong Yin Leng Trainer

    Yin Leng holds a degree in Computer Science with Management and has been training since 1995 in IT in both the private and public sectors. She is a Microsoft Certified Trainerand a former Associate Trainer with the Civil Service College. Her dedication to training is well liked and appreciated by the participants.

  • Pauline Lee
    Pauline Lee Trainer

    Pauline has been training IT courses since 1992. Her experience as a programmer with a local bank, a LAN administrator cum a trainer officer with the Singapore Hotel Association and Training Educational Centre has more than prepared her to train in the areas of Microsoft Office, Internet and Frontpage. She is also certified by ITE as an industry trainer to teach the module on Coaching Skills.

  • Sherie Poh
    Sherie Poh Trainer

    Sherie holds a BSc in Computer Science with Psychology and Specialist Diploma in Web Development Technology. A corporate IT instructor since 1992, she has lots of commercial experience on a wide range of software applications.


This is a SDF Subsidy approved course. This grant is only applicable to companies applying course for their staff.

This is a SkillsFuture Credit approved course. This applies only to individuals applying and paying for the course yourself. You can use your available SkillFuture Credit to pay for this course.