Adobe Photoshop CS6 Advanced

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Covering Concepts of Adobe Photoshop Advanced Features

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Covering Concepts of Adobe Photoshop Advanced Features

Course Code: VTLOKPSA6
Duration: 3 Days (21 Hours)

This 3-day hands-on and fun filled course is designed to take you through a unique learning perspective into Photoshop. Now everywhere we look from group photos, to magazines to movie posters to family outing photos, chances are, you’ve seen compositing with Photoshop.

This is the class you need to attend to learn the how to apply a series of techniques but more importantly master the essential concepts of photo editing to unlock the possibilities in mastering Photoshop. This is the only course that covers imaging with video editing in Photoshop.

Whether you shoot with RAW or post-processed images, Histogram is the “heart” for photo imaging from photo shoot to Photoshop and in checking for accurate exposure in the camera. You will learn to understand the Histogram concepts together with the use of the various Photoshop tools that you know but more importantly we like to equip you on how you can use the Photoshop tools on what you may already know.

The trainer will share his expertise to ensure you have more of such questions answered!

  • Are you overwhelm by so many adjustment layers tools and wondering how to use them effectively?
  • Are you tired of using the same few tools every time you do photo retouching?
  • Do you still have lots of image editing questions in your mind even after attending other courses?
  • Do you give up using the path tool because you find it too hard to use effectively?

Here are some highlights:

  • Align photos that will allow to to combine best features of your photos
  • Create custom patterns to make photo more interesting
  • How to use nested smart objects
  • How to use 3D elements in a photo to create surprising effects
  • How to do more accurate shadow compositing

At the end of this advanced Photoshop course:

You will have a good understanding of most of Photoshop’s advanced tools and their capabilities which you can decide how you will use them correctly to manipulate your digital photographs more effectively.

You are encouraged to bring your own digital images to work with in this class.

This course is for

Learners who have completed our Photoshop Fundamentals and Intermediate modules or those who have good working experience in Photoshop CS6.

Public Sector – Division 1, 2 & 3
Private Sector – Applicable to All

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Histogram and Exposures
  • Channels and Colors
  • Masking Techniques
  • Master the Pen tools
  • Enhancing Images with Blending Modes
  • Advanced Layer Techniques
  • Photo Retouching Techniques
  • Photo Composition
  • Working with Videos

For Macbook Users

Do you conduct this course on Mac Platform?

No, we don’t, BUT you can bring your own MacBook and use it in class. However, you need to have the correct version of the software already installed on your MacBook before coming for the course.

If I do not have the software or the correct version of the software installed, will you install it for me?

No, you’ll have to do the installation yourself.

If I use my own MacBook, will I be able to follow when the lesson is conducted in Windows platform?

Yes, you will be able to. When it comes to the Adobe application, they are pretty much the same regardless of which platform it is installed onto. Our Trainer will be able to guide you and highlight any differences in the Command keys.

For Your Delight

  Refreshments are provided for morning and afternoon tea breaks.
  A Certificate of Attendance will be given subject to 90% attendance.

Course Customisation

We can tailor this course to suit your needs in terms of course dates, times and location. If you are an organisation, we can further customise the course to meet your training needs and requirements.


  • Terrence Koh
    Terrence Koh Trainer

    Terrence holds a Diploma in Multimedia from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He is an ACTA Certified Trainer. He is a designer by profession and has been training design courses like Photoshop, Flash and Print Design and PowerPoint. With more than 15 years training experience, he is still very passionate in his delivery. Terrence is also very effective in imparting knowledge and keeping participants engaged at the same time. He is very well liked by the participants in all the training sessions.


I have used Photoshop for years but still felt that I learned a great deal from your course. Thanks you!
Li Ying (EMAS)

Very good lesson. Will certainly help me in my work.
Budiman Salleh

Through the Trainer I have better understanding of masking which I have tried to self-learn for many years (which I still didn’t grasp it).
Tang Yi (PA)

The Trainer has enabled us to learn very valuable tips in working the magic in Photoshop CS5 Adavnced.
Herman Hood (MHA)

Trainer is very knowledgeable. Introduced good techniques for me to use.
Jeremy Ashidig (Customs)

Competent trainer. Not afraid to share his experience.
Muhammad L’fie Rusly (SPF)


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